Pleasant Prairie Police Appreciation Association

Widespread Support for Pleasant Prairie Police Demonstrated

Hundreds of residents have donated and placed yard signs to show respect for those who protect us.

Our Mission

“To demonstrate that the residents of the Village of Pleasant Prairie respect and appreciate the training, the risk, and the sacrifices of those who provide police services to our families and our friends.”

Past Accomplishments

See what your donations, volunteer work, and donations have accomplished.


Pleasant Prairie Police Appreciation Association 

P. O. Box 580328, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 

Board of Directors:

Howard Cooley, Rosalie Villano, Rick Waller, Larry Nelson, Gina Madrigrano Friebus, Mary Waldon,                                    Randal Myles, Dr. Steven Neuberger             

Join Us

Become a “Friend of Our Village Police Officers” and express your support.